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The world we have today changed in a blink of an eye. With the internet becoming the preferred method of obtaining information, the marketing techniques that once ruled needed to be overhauled. When you have a business, online presence is a must. It is not just about making good content—it is where you place that content that counts.

A universal truth in the world of marketing thankfully transcends the ways in which people choose to do their marketing. That truth is this: Marketing is the subtle science of delivering a while lot of information in the simplest way possible. A good ad does not only have to be about print ads. Videos have now taken over the field and this is a shift that most struggle with. Video ads need to meet a few requirements in order to be truly effective. Here are a few of them:

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The tone of the payload needs to be tempered properly. Too bubbly and people do not take it seriously. Too serious and people do not think it to be interesting. The tone and overall approach of the video needs to be planned down to its most basic detail—otherwise it may end up being too cluttered.

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The message needs to be established well. Too many elements in the video can draw the attention away from the main point. The message needs to be carefully thought out and executed in a way that does not overburden the viewer.

 Our people have got that down to an art. Guess the Relative traverses the waters of ever changing trends and managed to build an effective understanding about one of the best marketing platforms that exists today: YouTube. While it is something that surprises most people—we have found a way to make magic out of something that has often been ignored and dismissed.